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Mason Jar Plant - Tealight Lantern

Mason Jar Plant - Tealight Lantern

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Package Contents:

  • Laser Cut Lantern Parts
  • Glue
  • Tealight

Build Instructions:

  • Lay flat the base
  • Stand in place, interlock and insert two back wall and one side wall
  • (back wall) tabbed both sides (sidewall tabbed one side)
  • ensure the design is facing upwards the right direction
  • use small dabs of glue in various places to ensure stability
  • insert and glue last side wall (side wall tabbed one side)
  • DO NOT glue front wall set aside until the end
  • glue top panel on the top of the sidewalls. (ensure the large slot is located towards the front of the lantern)
  • Insert and glue four small square pieces insert small tabs down into top of the lantern (interlock together ENSURE the larger tab is facing upwards)
  • Place and glue larger of the two remaining squares on top of last four square pieces.  (ENSURE long slot is parallel front of your lantern
  • place and glue the remaining square piece on top of the last piece matching slot from the previous piece
  • insert and glue lantern hook in the top of the last set piece
  • you should have one piece remaining (the front of the lantern, this piece is designed to insert and remove freely into the lantern to be able to add and remove your tealight

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